Eva Bowan, is a Brighton (UK) based sound designer, freelance illustrator and experimental artist who was born in Cracow, Poland.
Naturally creating visual art from a very young age, she later has expanded her array of skills by making music.

Her creations are often a result of inspirations collected during studying Psychology back in her hometown.
Currently she’s finishing her degree in Professional Musicianship in Brighton.

Eva Bowan creates captivating surreal worlds and electronic soundscapes inviting on an introspective journey. Her works are a mixture of dreams, hidden fantasies, haunting fears, observing the nature and overanalysing the world around and within.

She works across several different media like music, painting, video, digital art, glitch, collage etc. By doing so she's trying to find interesting and unique combinations to provide the viewer with the most holistic experience possible.
my inspiration storage blog: http://prismation.tumblr.com

100% of what I post in here is made by me (apart from few music videos of artists I love)

a day of getting lost in the fog. 

couple of years ago in krakow

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